Vintage 8 and 9 Karat Diamond cluster Ring

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This is a vintage Ring probably from Turkey, there are 9 diamonds, The central one and 7 others are original old cut low quality diamonds , over the years two stones were replaced and these two are 1930-s cut The central stone would be around 3 mm round and the rest 2 mm , none of the stones are really round reflecting the age of the ring. Total Diamond weight just under a quarter of a carat. The Ring in the Turkish fashion is made from low carat gold, the shank test acid positive for 9 karat but the flower cluster is probably 8 karat.
A very attractive Ring that i do not call antique as there is no conclusive evidence to the age of the Ring.

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Size of Ring – 8.5 US ( 18.5 European ) Diameter of Cluster – 5/8 of an inch ( 16 mm )

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