Handmade Flower. Ruby, Basra Pearls and Diamond Ring

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A Handmade contemporary 18 karat Gold Ring in a traditional Indian Flower design. The Flower is a raised dome the petals have 1.75 mm Basra Pearls.

Pearls originating from the Persian / Arabian Gulf have a legendary reputation in the world of gems. Famously known as the Basra pearls, these have enthralled many a pearl aficionados. The city of Basra in modern day Iraq, was a bustling hub in the ancient times where Pearl trade was concerned. The name that the pearls got was from the trading center and not because they originated there. These pearls are ones that have been harvested from the Persian Gulf off the coast of countries like, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates etc.

In the domed centre there is a further outer circlet of pearls with a smaller circlet of 1.75 round rubies and in the middle of the dome, a 2.75 mm round diamond of about 7 points, champagne colour. The Ring is hallmarked for 18 karat Gold.

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Red, White



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Size of Ring- 6 3/4 US (14European )




Diamond, Pearl, Ruby

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