Antique Art Deco 18 karat Gold , Old cut Diamonds and Platinum Ring

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We have here a classic interpretation of a Victorian design created probably in the 1920’s. The Ring is made in 18 karat Gold for the shank with a Platinum crown which houses the Diamonds.
All the Diamonds are old European Cut. As these Diamonds are not one is a perfect round though these make a good effort to achieve that status/
The Centre Stone is approximately 5.5 mm but again as in old cut Diamonds it is very high estimated weigh 3/4 of a carat.
The next two stones are close to 5 mm each not as high as the central stone estimated weight 40 to 45 points each.
The further two stone are about 4 mm estimated weight 1/4 of a carat each.
There are a further 8 1 point diamonds also old cuts,
The color and clarity of the Diamonds is quite good in todays Diamond grading something like VS11 clarity and H – I color
Estimated total Diamond weight – over 2 carats.
all quality and size as seen in the settings.
The Ring is clearly hallmarked for 18 karat and Platinum.
It is size 10.25 American 22 European and can be resized before delivery.

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Stone Cut

Old European Cut

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