Vintage Onyx and Gold Cupid Pendant

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From the late 19th century through the 1940’s many different mainly Ring and Pendants were made utilising the contrast between the black onyx stones and gold , so in an onyx of different size and shapes a hole was drilled and a gold piece depicting whatever was inserted thus creating the gold onyx effect, This pendant is unusual for its shaped , a fanned triangle in which a Pear Shaped Onyx has been inserted using a setting that utilises prongs on the back , the gold piece that has been inserted in the onyx is a lovely cupid that has been hand cut and engraved as has all the piece , as well as the unique cupid the fan end of the triangle has been shaped in a wedged pattern , a unique one of a kind piece,
1 5/8 inches long
48 mm

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Black, Gold


Belle Époque


14K Gold





Item Size

1 5/8 inches long – 48 mm

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