Vintage Traditional Silver Wedding Necklace from Banjara Rajahstan

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This is a vintage piece a traditional wedding necklace from the Banjara region in Rajahstan , India, The Necklace is crafted in low silver , it is hard to ascertain the exact silver purity but based on our experience it is probably around .800 purity. The Necklace is composed of decorated Mango shaped motifs hanging from a rough hand made necklace . The Mango is religiously symbolic in the Hindu religion and we find this motif across the board in India, The Central element hanging from the Mango Necklace is an ear cleaner another motif that we find many times in original traditional Indian pieces. The central Element is 3 inches long ( 7.5 cm )

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Wedding & Bridal



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necklace just under 12 inchs long

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