Vintage Kurdish 18 and 14 karat festive necklace ( gardalak )

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This necklace is from the Iraqi section of Kurdistan , it is know as “gardalak” and it is traditionally worn in various festivities and religious holidays. It is comprised of an element that has a channel where two necklaces can pass through ( traditionally they were on strings) hanging from these elements are tear shaped pieces with various symbols for fertility and prosperity, the Piece is museum quality , the elements have no markings but have been acid tested for at least 18 karat gold , they have been restrung on hallmarked 14 karat necklaces, The length of the piece can be adjusted before delivery.

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Ethnic, Tribal



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18 1/4 inches long ( 46.5 cm ) lengthl of elements 1.1/4 inches ( 3 cm )l

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