Carnelian, Onyx and Glass Necklace + Turkeman Center Piece

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This necklace crafted in our Jerusalem workshop where we use our extensive collection of beads and of ethnic jewels is composed of various old and new Carnelian beads inter spaced with various onyx beads, yellow glass beads of various shapes and origin and some seed beads, all servint as a frame for the lovely Turkeman jewel that is in the centre of this necklace . Turkeman jewellery is full of symbolism dating back to the pre muslim times of these nomadic tribes, In this piece we find a bird motif and it is made in fire gilded silver, The silver should be of a higher purity as it must be for the gilding to stay on , A truly lovely and colourful piece .

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Gold, Silver, Yellow

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18 .5 inches long ( 47 .5 cm )




Beads, Glass


Carnelian, Onyx

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