Antique 22 karat Gold Afghan - Uzbek Wedding Necklace ( Tepish)

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Tepish is the name in Afghanistan – Uzbekistan for the necklace in the traditional bridal wedding set, The quality of the piece is determined by the size and by the craftsmanship , thus also reflecting on the Status of the bride,
We have for sale an exquisite piece that belonged to a bride from a wealthy family , the quality of the filigree work is exquisite , it is set with the Traditional Red Stone used in all Uzbeki jewellery, and as sometimes appears glass beads , there are 3 turquoise as well to round out this aesthetic composition. The piece is made in acid tested 22 karat Gold.

The Pendant is 2 3/4 inches long -7 cm
and the same wide.
The overall length with the chain is just over 28 inches – 72 cm

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Gold, Red


Ethnic, Tribal


Yellow Gold



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