21k Gold Bedouin Dowry Beads

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These are unique rare one of a kind Bedouin dowry beads, these beads are traditional to the Bedouins from the Negev and Sinai desserts, The tradition is that they are made in the same style and technique as the ancient Egyptians made their jewellery. Whatever way you look at it they are special unique and very rare, There are( acid tested ) and come from traditional Kurdish necklaces. hallmarks for 21 karat Gold on the lip of each bead. The average size of the beads is 3/4 of an inch ( 20 mm ) long. The Two end beads are also 21 karat Gold The Beads are strung on a hallmarked 18 k gold chain.

There is no standard size for these beads they are all handmade in the most primitive techniques,and you can see that they have been worn some more and some less . It is said that they were all made from melted gold coins.

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Beads are from 5 to 6 eights of an inch long (1.4-1.8 mm)


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