Vintage Style Big Basket of Plenty 9 karat Gold Earring

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The inspiration for these earrings comes from Islamic Jewellery from around the 10 th century , similar earrings were found in areas around Palestine and Syrian as well as Egypt and they are attributed to the Mamelukes , the earrings are called basket of plenty and are symbolic of harvest and fertility , so you can say that these are charm earrings , they are handmade in our Jerusalem workshop , this specific pair has a 6 pearls dangling from the bottom of the earring , the earrings are made in acid tested 9 karat gold to keep them wearable weight wise .if you have any desire for a different variation (There is a smaller version listed here as well ) let us know and we will see how we can make it happen. The earrings are made in 9 karat gold to keep their weight down ,
1 1/4 33 mm long – 54 mm 7/8 an inch wide – 22 mm

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9K Gold


Ethnic, Tribal





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1 1/4 33 mm long – 54 mm 7/8 an inch wide – 22 mm

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