Vintage North Indian 22 karat Gold Dowry Earrings

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These are vintage handmade Earrings from the Garwhal Region in the Himalayas of North India , these are the kinds of earrings that form part of the dowry that goes to the bride , besides all the gifts to the husbands family the bride will always receive some gold Jewellery so she can cash it in times of needs , these Earrings are classic to the dowry situation as you can see that they came out of the original box and have seldom if ever been worn, Made from two parts the top being some what looks like a leaf like element set with a traditional red stone that I have seen many times in Garwhali Jewellery , the bottom is beautiful bell like element delicately hand engraved with ball like tassels , the earring has been positively acid tested for 22 karat Gold , most Jewellery from this region is usually 23 karats but the acid test has only a 22 karat so may be 23 for sure 22.

2 1/8 inches long – 57 mm
9/16 of an inch at the widest -14 mm

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2 1/8 inches long – 57 mm 9/16 of an inch at the widest -14 mm

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