Vintage 18 karat Hoop Earrings from Garwhal , India

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These are traditional Hoop Earrings from the Garwhal Region in the Indian Himalaya, These same designs have been crafted for hundreds of years for sure and maybe more, A Puffed Hoop with a decorated ridge and a Rosetta of gold balls create a very unique and wearable design. There are also 2 4 mm round Indian Turquoise set on the the top end of the edge of the earring. The Earrings have no markings and are acid tested for 18 karat Gold, These earrings could be relatively new or up to 60- 80 years old there is no way to ascertain exactly. A welcome addition to all hoop earrings lovers.

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1 1/4 inches long – 33 mm 7/8 inches wides – 23 mm

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