Vintage 18 karat gold Judaica Shedai Pendant

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A pair of Traditional Portuguese Silver Gold and Diamond Earrings, They are made in the traditional way that dates back centuries, At the time these designs were made Gold and Silver were equally valuable and thus came this sort of technique where all the base of the Earrings are in Gold and all that is seen and the settings are silver. The Earrings are hallmarked but illegible they are acid tested for both Silver and 18 karat Gold , although they must be 19 karat which is the Portuguese standard. These Earrings probably date from the mid 20th century, 38 Diamonds set in each one 36 of them 1.5- 2 point diamond chips of average quality, the top one is also a chip of the same sort but it is around 5 points. The central diamond is a full rose cut diamond of approximately 10 points medium colour and clarity, total diamond weigh over one and a quarter Carat.
7 eights of an inch in diameter (23 mm)

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Black, Gold, Silver


Gold, Silver

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7 eights of an inch in diameter (23 mm)



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