Vintage Traditional Iraqi- Kurdish 21 Karat Gold Dowry Bracelet

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This Bracelet comes from Iraq or Kurdistan as Kurdistan encompasses areas in what is today’s Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria then it could come from any of the sub cultures in these areas, the tradition was the same in all these places and the bride would receive one of these bracelets as a bank for future life. Usually they are made from British sovereign coins, This is one of the few i have seen that uses Russian 5 Rubel Nikolai coins and they are dated between 1897- 1901. , The Turkish coin seems to be dated for the Islamic year of 1302 which corresponds to 1885. And even more unique the added coin that is like a tassel is old Turkish coin, The strips that connect the coins are decoratively hand engraved in a floral pattern, and the closure of the bracelet is a handmade Gold screw, The coins are all original and thus 21 k Gold, The connectors between the coins as well as the chain and the screw are acid tested and are conclusive for gold that is higher than 18 karat. If it was ever worn there is no visible sign. The weight is 45.2 grams.

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Length of Bracelet-7.5 inches (19 cm) Diameter of Rubels -3 quarters of an inch (18mm)

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