Vintage 18 karat Gold Moroccan Snake Bracelet

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The snake has been a symbol used in jewellery ( mainly rings and bracelets ) throughout the ages, the shedding of the snake skin symbolises rejuvenation. Among other symbols are those of good, evil, wisdom and eternity , Here we have a vintage handmade Bracelet from Morocco here the snake has been made long to create what is a 3 ring bracelet with a hand made box lock and various delicate traditional engravings throughout the piece , the eyes are two small round sapphires . The bracelet is created in 18 karat Gold that is Acid tested , the inner circumference of the bracelet is 2 5/8 inches – 65 mm. The body of the snake is made from hollow tubes and thus in such an old piece that has been worn there are a few dents all minor,

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Blue Sapphire, Sapphire


18K Gold


Ethnic, Tribal

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